Thursday, August 13, 2009

toby moment #346,099,398 - objectification of the rishonim

yesterday i blurted out to a rabbinical candidate that the Rambam was "a hottie." (!!!)

it was okay, however, because she shot back...

"he was a hottie."

i have said i hate the word "hot" or any derivations thereof used to describe other human beings, alive or of blessed memory, but that just popped out. i meant it a li'l funny but still.

in searching for an appropriate image of maimonedes i found the standard sagelike one and barely different variations...and then! one stunning illustration, "young maimonedes," by avi barzel. you can see it here in this article by mik moore on tzedakah from beautiful!

lol !

it is my intention every day not to live in a world of people-as-objects, things made too simple, horrendously categorizable and categorized. on the native nyc tip, i think that when you grow up in nyc your landscape is people, imprinted on your nervous system, vibrating in your cells, a grotesque, mad, wonderful neverending landscape of faces and people moving across your map of consciousness. that being said, i want to live in a subtle and interesting world, so i hope to let go of my desire to make people into little dolls that i have on a shelf like shirley temple in her song "oh my goodness" from the 1936 film "poor little rich girl."

as ayanla vanzant says, may it be so and so it is!

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