Monday, May 4, 2009

east coast antics

it's been an interesting couple of weeks. went up to the bronx to see some old friends from high school at a party, last weekend new jersey, next weekend florida, end of the month probably heading up to boston, and at some point the midatlantic is calling. my good friend is moving to baltimore so i've been thinking about it quite a bit.

i lived in baltimore from 1998 to 1999 when was attending the maryland institute college of art. i didn't feel like i fit in there; i spent a lot of time wandering the city. i always loved baltimore club, and i didn't know anyone else who did, even when i started dropping out to hang out with real maryland kids (i could take up an entire post here talking about those people). i came back to new york in 1999 crazy for it. i also wore bamboo earrings and had a wedge short-haircut. to me these things were very stylish to my own bizarre sensibility that no one i knew considered stylish but it's finally 2009 and they've been realized (and in the case of the earrings, retired) by the post-hipster massive.

i have no complaints but i always find it painful when i'm in love with something and everyone's like "you're on crack," and then they're telling me about it two years down the road.

laguardia kids were doing 80s in 1994, except with subtlety and panache! i have seen them recently in lincoln center and they look like extras from the movie 'slacker.'

"it's a madonna pap smear!"

i am very impressed. when all around you cornballs are listening to lady gaga and talking about electroclash these 17-year-olds are looking like art kids from 1991. i just want to give them a big parade with a marching band.

i give them all the props in the world because i myself could never rock that look. i had to wear dirty red high-waisted jeans growing up, and was so androgynous for such a long time, that now, even though it has caught on to such a cheerful degree, i don't partake.

i could probably manage some pastiche of patra/acid house/eurotrash/grunge though. that would be fun. :-) i'll just wear h&m basics and designate one night per month think-about-outfit night.

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