Friday, April 10, 2009

art, outside of nyc, w/ fee

brilliant - harry shearer, 'the silent echo chamber'

voting for alejandro diaz' best cardboard sign. i won't tell you my pick because it was visually poetically humorous/humorously poetic and makes more sense in its wall-context.
we came up for the robert lazzarini opening but great work all around and wonderful to see contemporary art outside new york. the aldridge museum has wood floors and windows opening onto suburban grass and trees, yet it still feels sophisticated and modern, a pleasant deviation from poured concrete and 30-foot ceilings. enjoyed the work from the museum's radius artist program (artists mostly from underrepresented areas in the new york city metro area). diverse, fresh, well-chosen. and of course it was great to hang out with a friend i've known for like 14 years. that's half my life :-)

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